Eyo! Wuss poppin!

Moki here,
- been rigging since January 10, 2021.
- I have a lot of experience handling models from objects, animals, and, humans/human hybrids!I hope that I can work with your model!

I always do my best, that is a Moki guarantee! -MOKI

I am currently CLOSED with my commissions until end of july!


Psd FixingArtmesh PreppingRiggingContactFinalizing
for psd fixing I will request the artist of the of the model to make some necessary changes towards the live2d rigging processI prepare the rig for the rigging processI rig the model that has been prepped and readied forfor contact I will start contacting you while rigging for the details regarding the rigging (basically your desired changes)I will send you the files so we can refine the rig I will be in a call making sure your rig is gucci you can send me word files containing your requested changes
1-2 weeks1-2days /1week if rig has 1k layers2 days- 2 weekshappens while riggingdepending on when you are available and amount of changes but typically 1-7 days


Category1st tier2nd tier3rd tier4th tierPrice fixes
Price700 USD$800-900 USD$900-1000 USD$1100-1200 USD$+200 USD$
Number of expressions510
sleeping animation (afk)
Head xyz
Torso xyz
Leg xyz
Hair physics
upgraded hair physics
Iphone tracking(if requested)
Idle Animations
outfit changes23+1
Vbridger tracking(if requested)
Toggleable inverse tracking
no. of word file revisions1233+1

I normally try to do it with as much as quality as possible in a short amount of time but other factors such as in real life responsibilities can affect the timeline I normally try to set myself.Other factors such as complexity and quality can also lengthen the timeline.

Other Services

additional expressions25$+1 expression that is problematic i.e(hand toggles and conditional stuff)
animations50$1-3 second animation
re rig50$depending on the client on which to add/improve on the model
advanced physics50$physics involving more quality
Vbridger mouth re rigging services100$mouth will be re rigged for vbridger
same 7 day delivery+50% of the models price7 day delivery


Before working

All pricing includes commercial rights.50% of the Total Price (USD) is required when checking has been done and moving on to the base rigging.The IP (Intellectual Property) belongs to you, the commissioner.By commissioning me I have the right to showcase and display your model as part of my portfolio.Please credit me for any work I've done for you on your social media, be it your Twitter bio or a pinned tweet.NO REFUNDS

While working

Regular updates will be given while I'm working via DM's on either Twitter or Discord (preferred).While working on your model I may share my workflow via streaming it, unless requested otherwise, in which case I will keep things confidential.I want to be able to post videos of updates/wips through my social medias. only partial parts that I am finding good enough to be postedNO REFUNDS

After working

You must credit me in your twitter as your model's rigger.Revision chances lasts up for no more than 3 months. further changes will be charged.I am very lenient to changes whatsoever as long as it does not intend to add more things towards the rigyou can give me a word file containing every changes/possible things you would like to improve.NO REFUNDS

Payment is to be done via PayPal. Any and all private information that might be shared via transaction information will remain strictly confidential


Full Body Works

Half Body Works

Unique Model Works


You can contact me me on my twitter or in my discord.
I use my youtube channel for showcases as they serve as both portfolio and as a way to show my skills.
discord: Moki#3045